The avifauna of the large area located in the northeastern boundaries of Asia (Russian Far East), according to recent estimates, accounts for 557 species (Nechaev V.A. and Gamova, T.V., «Birds of the Far East of Russia: An Annotated Catalogue,» 2009, 654 p.). From the standpoint of taxonomy, chorology, and ecology, this is a complex and dynamic regional fauna. In terms of ornithological investigation of this interesting region, special concerns are caused by an obvious lack of correspondence between the intensity of field studies performed here and the possibility of timely publishing the results of these studies, which has occurred in the past decades. Publishing a regional ornithological journal might help to reduce this inconsistency. The idea of establishing a local ornithological journal has been suggested more that several decades ago. It was planned to switch from publishing collected scientific papers to the journal format even in the years when the Amur–Ussuri Branch of the All-Union Ornithological Society functioned.

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