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This chapter is devoted to a nearly 150-year history of studying birds of Primorsky Krai. Three periods of different quality can be distinguished in it, each of which is characterized by specific features. The third (current) period is analyzed in most detail. The main data on the ornithological groups functioning in Primorie are given for the last period, with listing the higher educational institutions that supply ornithological personnel as well as certain areas in which the main ornithological studies are performed. The conclusion to the chapter contains a comparative assessment (on a multivariate five-point scale) of the state of ornithological knowledge of various land and water areas of Primorsky Krai distinguished on the basis of “basin” approach.
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Yu.N. Gluschenko, V.A. Nechaev, V.P. Gluschenko. Birds of Primorsky Krai: Fauna, Distribution, Protection and Bibliography (Reference Book) // Far East. J.Orn 1: 3-150 (2010) (In Russian)