Izumi is key wintering site of thousands of white-naped Grus vipio and hooded G. monacha
cranes. The site is located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan.
I study cranes in Izumi during period 1985/1986 – 2014/2015. Three white-naped cranes having Russian bands were found in Izumi during this period. The all three cranes have white plastic band with black number. The all three cranes were banded by staff of the Khingansky Nature Reserve located in the middle part of the Amur River basin in Amur Province, Russia:
1) the crane with ring number A23 on the left leg was banded in 1986 in wild nature near the Zhuravliovka Village (it was chick in 1986);
2) “A23” (on the right leg) was raised in Crane reintroduction center of the Khingansky Nature Reserve: it was born in 2005 and released in the wild nature in spring 2006;
3) “M06” was raised in Crane reintroduction center of the Khingansky Nature Reserve also: it was born in 2013 and released to the wild nature in 2014.1)