The first record of the Black-faced spoonbill (BFS) in the inner grounds of the extreme south of the Russian Far East (Khanka lake, distanted for 250 km from the nearest sea cost) and their precondition are discussed in the publication. Some atypical external and also behavioral peculiarities of the bird allow to identify this individual as a hybrid between BFS and Common spoonbills. The only breeding colony of the BFS in the Sea of Japan basin placed at the Furugelm Island is considered to be an expected place of hibridization.
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Korobov D.V., Gluschenko Yu.N., Kalnitskaya I.N., Surmach S.G. (2012) An accidental vagrants of the Black-faced spoonbill Platalea minor Temminck et Schlegel, 1849 on the Khanka Lake // Far East. J.Orn. 3: 11—14.