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This chapter gives a brief overview of the history of creation and development of the regulatory framework of Russia with respect to rare animal species with listing the main relevant legislative acts. The necessity of international cooperation in nature conservation is emphasized. The checklist of all bird species of Primorsky Krai included in the lists of five main international and bilateral conventions aimed at conservation of birds and their environment, which were signed and ratified by the Russian Federation, is given in a tabulated form. The main data on five wetland areas of Primorsky Krai corresponding to the status of lands of international importance under Ramsar Convention—”Bikin–Alchan Interfluve,” “Lake Khanka,” “Razdolnaya River Delta,” “Verkhovskii and Karamzin Islands,” and “Tumannaya River Lower Reach (Tumangan)”—and their avifauna are given.

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