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Brief Sketch of the History of Ornitological Studies

Brief description of article This chapter is devoted to a nearly 150-year history of studying birds of Primorsky Krai. Three periods of different quality can be distinguished in it, each of which is characterized by specific features. The third (current) period is analyzed [...]

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Brief description of article This publication might be defined as a “reference book” of birds of Primorsky Krai (Southern Ussuriland), Russia. This book constitutes an ornithological review of regional bird species, and a bibliography of regional ornithological publications. Within this book are [...]


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The avifauna of the large area located in the northeastern boundaries of Asia (Russian Far East), according to recent estimates, accounts for 557 species (Nechaev V.A. and Gamova, T.V., «Birds of the Far East of Russia: An Annotated Catalogue,» 2009, 654 p.). From the standpoint [...]

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